Standard Chartered or StanChart is present in the world’s most dynamic market in more than 150 years. The first bank was established in Singapore in the year 1859. They are currently serving in Singapore for over 159 years now. Standard Chartered was awarded as the Qualifying Full Bank or QFB license.

In the long run, the purpose of Standard Chartered is to give help to each person in the community and to fulfill the needs of corporate banking. This bank’s employers now reach up to 9,000 in Singapore.

In Singapore, there are 15 branches and 31 ATMs of SC Bank. StanChart is helping throughout Middle East, Africa, and Asia with their businesses. All around 60 markets, there are 86,000 employees ready to serve million of people who trust Standard Chartered Bank. For stock exchanges, Hong Kong and India entrusted it to this bank. They have excellent customer service to cater you with your needs.

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