In Singapore, OCBC is the longest bank established wherein it was founded on 1932. Long before OCBC formed, there were three local banks founded in 1912. They decided to merge and became OCBC group. As they serve people in the long-run, they are tested and trusted by their customers.

OCBC became the second largest bank not just in Singapore, but in Southeast Asian countries as well. Due to the strength and stability of OCBC bank, it was ranked one of the World’s Top 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance.

They were also awarded as the Best Managed Bank and the Asia Pacific by The Asian Banker. They have 610 branches throughout the 18 countries and regions. The thing that you must inquire about bank before investing is the stability of their partnership with insurance company. They are partnered with Great Eastern Holdings which is one of the largest insurance group in Singapore.

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