Citibank businesses include foreign currency deposits, wealth management, consuming banking and credit, transaction services, change cards, corporate and investment banking. As of now, Citibank has 200 million customers around the world. They are now located in 160 countries.

Citibank started in the year July 1, 1902 and pioneered in Singapore. The first branch in Singapore was established in 1 Prince Street, IBC. During that time, the business involved in exporting of tin and Malayan rubber financing in their early years.

Consumer Bank in the year 1982 was established by Citibank to fulfill the needs of the community and various businesses. The bank’s goal is not only to help people with their businesses, but to help them have adequate financial education.

As a global financial institution, their will is to give people knowledge how to handle their financial resources. In the year 2002, Citibank was the first financial institution initiated on giving financial education especially to youths.

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