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What is Promo Code?

As first introduced in 1880’s, promotional codes, also known as coupon or voucher, are consist of letters and numbers which consumers can use it during check out process and paste them in the promo code fields. It also typically used to promote a specific product or campaign to drive sales for new and existing customers.

How to find Promo Codes?

All you have to do is to type the name of the store you are interested in (i.e. Lazada, Agoda, Zalora, Klook, etc.) in the Search bar. Secondly, click any promo that suit your needs and you can use it to save on your every purchases! Just remember that sometimes, shops don’t just let use more than 1 code all at the same time.

How to redeem a Promo Code?

After you picked the coupon code or promo code from our store list, just copy it for further procedure. During the check-out process, customers can use the promo codes at the merchant where they will make purchases. Right below the check out or payment page is special field for the Promo code is usually situated.

About LobangNation Singapore

LobangNation ShoppingShopping will be fun if you will spend less money for getting the best value online. We would not let you drop more money when you can save and get freebies at the same time and your best chance to win this is by using promo coupons. Here in LobangNation, we list all shopping coupon codes and discount vouchers that helps you to save big when you shop while making your shopping experience delightful! We aim to provide real-time updates on the best and latest coupons and offers from all the leading e-commerce stores on our website so you can amend discount codes that will be ideal for your needs. Whether you’re after an apparel and shoes, shop spree in Zalora or Lazada, whether you're looking to get away on a short escapades out of a good travel deals you can get them with Expedia or Agoda and more, we covered them all with over 100+ coupon codes to get the best discounts on your travels.

How Does LobangNation work?

LobangNationWhen online merchants attract new customers, valued patrons usually rewarded by offering discount coupons and freebies so they can save their online shopping in any chance. However, not all shoppers have time and patience to go through all the discount coupons just to find the best deals that will be an aces for them. We tirelessly work on new ways to bring the best opportunities to save time and effort to find the best promo coupons when shopping online. LobangNation is designed to make searching for discount vouchers and promo coupons smooth and easy! You can start right away on either choosing to use the search bar or the drop down menu located on the top navigation of the site to search popular merchants in the Singapore. It will be simple for you because each promo code is entitled with a complete description so you will be aware of the minimum requirement on how to use it and to identify whether it is the one that you’re looking for or not. Once you’ve found a deal that suit for you, just click ‘Show Coupon’ to get the code so will be redirected to the retailer’s site.

How to Redeem Promo Codes and Coupons at LobangNation?

LobangNation is uncomplicated to use. You will just follow the steps below to amend great discounts on your next online shopping splurge:

  1. Using the search bar at the top of the page or by using the drop down menu on the navigation bar, you can search for discount coupons available on online retailers that we offer on the site
  2. Choose from the list of available coupons and click ‘Show Coupon’ to get the promo code and to redirected to the retailer’s website.
  3. Click on the code to copy.
  4. Check out your shopping cart and finish the process by pasting the code on the promo code box to apply the discount

Huge Savings on Popular Online Stores in Singapore

LobangNation Discounts

We have gathered hundreds and thousands of promo codes so you can snap your next online shopping experience with famous retailers like Lazada, Zalora, Agoda, Expedia, Sephora, Klook, and Althea which are easy to use too! We provides real-update and active so everyone’s convenient shopper. (Tip: There are several popular sales events in Singapore like Chinese New Year Sales, Black Friday Sales, Great Sale Singapore, Cyber Monday Deals , 11 11 Sales, 12 12 Sales and Christmas Sales where you can get huge discounts when shop or book online.)

Lobang Nation aims to offer you great deals while giving you fun and rewarding online experience. Don’t miss out the hottest deals and promos so make sure to follow us on our Facebook page.

Top 5 Online Shopping Site in the Singapore

Singapore is now enjoying the vast convenience of shopping online with e-commerce sites and its exploding demand which is awfully increasing. Despite of country's small size, Singaporeans is known to be the number one online spender in the Asia-Pacific region in the past years and these online shopping sites will surely continue its success in the future. We explore the world wide web to give you a list of popular online retailers based on quality assurance, competitive product pricing and customers’ satisfaction. Whether you are looking for top-trending fashion, branded electronics and appliances, beauty cosmetics, and even up to household essentials, it all covered!

You shouldn't be outdated enough to miss out the favorable ease that these online stores can do to fill your shopping list.

Find out more as we introduce the 5 Best shopping sites that you can shop spree in Singapore!


Lazada has a major ecommerce existence and considered as the Amazon of Southeast Asia which is founded in 2012, the site offers across-the-board items including the latest tech and electronic releases, fashion, health, beauty cosmetics, and it has more you’re after and more! Lazada is a group of German company operating its website on Singapore,Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. Lazada is one-stop shopping haven where you can shop without leaving your system at ease and this company will make you enjoy the experience of digging a wide range collection of its products and services while flipping over the website’s impressive glimmer sales, official stores and express delivery.


It is where top-trending fashion including bells and whistles is phenomenal. From its website launched at Singapore in 2012, it has been spoiling all fashion tastes and needs ever since. Move your style with thousand of fashion apparel with selection of top brands, trendy accessories, shoes, bags, watches and must-have beauty products. In any occasion, both men and women can have fully personalized online shopping experience. This three-year-old fashion online retailer website has spread to large figure markets in Asia Pacific and recieved US $238 million disclosed funding in total.


Sephora is not only the leading chain string of perfume and cosmetics store in France but also has the dominant beauty presence in Singapore and around the world! This ecommerce website which founded in France in 1970 is idealist beauty-retail concept with unique, open environment features and immersely-increasing chunk of classic and emerging brands across range of product categories including makeup, fragrance, body and hair care, skincare, all for Sephora’s own private trademark. It also offers fantastic catalogue of hottest, latest and must-have cosmetics, beauty products and skincare. This online retailer has all of our favourite brands and it also has innovative products created by its own.


This online marketplace established in 2015 is focused on collating long-tail vendors, it has the ability to sell offline within markets and malls across Asia and cater a platform for business growth with fashion and lifestyle. Zilingo hosts over 5,000 SMEs across Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan with more than a million customers per month. This company is passionate about building a micro entrepreneurship capacity and it’s providing sellers access to buyers, hasty logistics, security of payments, and free-of-cost access to analytics. Zilingo currently has offices in 5 countries including in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and India.


Redmart is an online supermarket which offers convenient answer for bustling and busy shopper to purchase goods and services within just a few clicks, it also make their desired order delivered right to their threshold. The company’s cast present their mission as “save you time and money for the important things in life.”, with RedMart’s online supply store with over 8000 sort of product’s stock. Anyone can order anytime with RedMart’s website and through its mobile app available for iOs, Android or even in Windows Phone. Run over your online shopping basket with your household essential along with fresh seafood, good quality meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, juices, breads and everything that you need from your family’s breakfast to dinner- you can do your grocery shopping in just a single moment! In addition, you can also have a complete meal with its recipe whenever you’ll need to learn on what and on how to cook the dishes that you’ve wanted!

Shopping online can gain benefits and that’s the reason why it’s market is growing here in Singapore. To make your shop more convenient and practical, all you need is coupons that will make you a smart saving shopper to reap huge and lots of discounts in your every purchase.

The Top Online Travel Booking Site in the Singapore

Are you still passionate of discovering more interesting places to go and seeking lots of adventures to fuel up your bucket list? Whether you’re a first time traveler or an extraordinary wanderlust, going on that dream vacation you’ve always wish and worked hard for must ensure safety as well as remarkable experiences in every journey from the moment you landed on your destination to touching down back to your comfort zone.

Whether you are off for your family outing, vacation with your loved ones, or even exploring by your own, all you’ll ever need is a balanced insight for travelling. But in today’s torrent of online information, cliché and voyaging will unfortunately lead to more confusion. For that reason, we’ve combed the web to give you enough information that will be a worthwhile for your wandering.

You shouldn’t detour and miss these websites as it will give you convenience, travel guides, tips for discount and promos with your every purchases that will make your journey an awesome experience! Find out more as we give you biggest online travel and hotel booking site in the Singapore.


Expedia is one of the biggest, popular and fastest growing online travel portal in Asian region that will be your companion in travelling. From broad option of hotels, travel services and more activities that will conformed every budget in every kind at competing rates. With vast number of partners and associate hotels internationally with all-inclusive flight inventory available in the website so everyone seeking an adventure can book everything they need for vacation that will be appropriate in every budget, activities, demand and service complements. Start checking out Expedia’s featured and recommended getaways, that can give you a huge draft of hotels in the most attractive destination in Singapore, most admired places in Asia and in the other part of this marvellous world, without making a big hole in your pocket.


It is the worldwide dominant company provider of hotel accommodation, which gives website of localised network and reaching the customers through telephone settlement services. Hotels.com provides widest range selection of accommodation to travellers online. The company offers a one-stop shopping experience for all hotel pricing, availability and service. It is also specialises in offering travellers with compromising in every peak periods.


Established in 2015, it’s now one of the world’s fastest-developing online travel booking, which has been instantly blown up in Asia and acquired by Booking Holdings Inc.(world’s largest room online seller) in 2007.Singapore is known to be Agoda’s headquarter with over 53 offices in major cities in 30 different countries and with estimated 3,700 worldwide employees. It also provide 2 million accommodation assets along with hotels, houses, villas, and apartments that has been checked out by 15 million traveler. Ever since, Agoda has the leading accommodation that offers homes and villas throughout the region.


With just few clicks, Klook will help you to know the must-visit destinations, discover amazing activities, breathtaking attractions and all the things you should know about travelling, all for its best price! With its company’s team of experts, many experiences and wonders awaits every traveler, that makes over 2 million users of Klook get an authentic information in their every visit on its website.
Buckle up your bucket list as you can have a better transaction with Klook App by just downloading it on your iOs or Android and, landing to your most-dreamed getaways will be more possible.


This will help you to explore more deals and make travelling to be more convenient, simply by giving easy and less effort way to book low-priced hotel rooms. With its headquarters in Hong Kong and Bangkok, HotelQuickly is the one who provide last-minute hotel booking not only in Asia but also in Australia and in New Zealand. Since its initially founded in 2012, it raised a huge investor funding to make hostel-bookers’ had an awesome experience as much as possible. HotelQuickly constantly striving hard to grow as a developed company to make out the best deals and to improve customer’s experience everyday.

Never stop travelling and exploring uncover places that will leave a remarkable moments once in a while. Know on where you can gain breathtaking and fun getaways for your next travel while spending less with the help of promo codes and discounts, to make your journey to become easy and practical.

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